Our turn (Awata-An)



Around 6 mins by subway station "Higashiyama" and bus station "Jingumichi" , the location is near by Heian-Jingu shrine and Chion-in temple. When you go through a torii (a gateway at the entrance to a shrine), you will find a very quiet living town. Our turn is inside of this living place. 
The location is amazingly good, so you can walk around the sightseeing area by walk, and also visit most of the place in Kyoto by subway and bus very easily. You can enjoy four seasons of Kyoto from this house.
When you open the entrance wooden door, there are Kannon mask (god/goddess of mercy) and Japanese chest of Taisho period. The house has a special atmosphere which makes you feel you go back to the past.  

Particular with nature materials.

The house's material is particular with nature naterials. Japanese plaster, Japanese wattle and daub, American clay, charcoal, and others to make a gentle house for all people who is sensitive for allergy.
Inside the living room, there is a special shape's Japanese seat cushion. These cushions were made one by one by araftsman in Kyoto, and this makes your posture not to burden on your back. Each facility in this house were made and prepared with thought for your comfortable stay.

Japanese cypress bathtab in natural blue stone.

A bathtab of Our Turn was made by Japanese cypress, the bathroom was made of natural stone.
When the floor, which was made by natural stone, wet, the color changes to pale blue, that is very beautiful.
 You can see a Japanese inner garden from bathroom when you taking a bath, and feel the smells of Japanese cypress during your relaxing bath time.

Spend special time with friends and family.

Our turn can accept 10 people as max. You can enjoy your time at Kyoto with your friends and family. This house has kitchen, bathroom, and two Japanese rooms on the ground floor, and there are two Japanese rooms and bathroom on upper floor.
This house was originally accept only 8 people, however, there are many requests to accomodate more than 8 people.  So, we negotiated to change the house's capacity to 10 people. Because of this, if you stay with 10 people, you may feel little tight.

Our Turn(Awata-An)  Information

Our Turn(東山 粟田庵)
5-6, Kajicho, Awataguchi, Higashiyamaku, Kyoto
2 - 10 people
Subway "Higashiyama" 6 mins by walk


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body soap
  • Bath towel
  • Face towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Japanese green tea
  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • IH cooker
  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Electric Kettle
  • Coockware
  • Tableware
  • Hair dryer
  • Futon
  • TV
  • Air Conditioner
  • Washing machine (no dryer)

※No pajamas

※No spice for cooking are prepared because of allergy and religious reasons.

※We don't have laundry detergent. Please prepare for it by yourself.

TEL 050-2018-1700

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